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    Pioneers & Legends
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    NOW 50% OFF! Pioneers & Legends of the Northwest, the book containing the first 23, unabridged, columns that appeared in Northwest Fly Fishing's Pioneers & Legends department. This color book, printed on quality Japanese matte paper, includes original photography, fly plates, maps and more. It is sure to become a collector's items as it is passed down through the generations. Regularly $29.95. On sale now for only $14.95.
    Fish Tails
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    NOW 50% OFF! Fish Tales is a collection of adventures, misadventures, and reflections by humor writer Alan Liere. While fishing, an inordinate amount of trouble seems to fall in his lap... or waders... or boat... or whatever. He admits to these miscalculations and misfires, and shares his stories with just the right sense of humor. Here for your enjoyment is a collection of the 80 funniest "Fish Tales" featured in Northwest, Southwest, and Eastern Fly Fishing magazines. All who spend time on the water can relate to Liere's outdoor outtakes. Order your autographed copies now, Fish Tales belongs on every angler bookshelf and is the perfect gift.