Northwest Fly Fishing

Middle Fork Willamette River, OR

By Chip O’Brien

More Oregonians probably look at the Willamette River than any other waterway, with the possible exceptions of the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean. Yet few would ever ponder the mystical...

Posted by Glen Martin — February 23, 2015

Tepee Creek, ID

By Clay M. Garrett

When I first moved to northern Idaho several years ago, I fished many of the local waters near my mountain cabin on the outskirts of Sandpoint. Surrounded by still water and myriad streams...

Posted by Glen Martin — December 19, 2014

Spokane River, WA

By Steve Maeder

On the descent from our 14th-floor hotel room to meet our guide for the day, I had to remind myself of the reality of the situation. We had spent the night in a hotel overlooking the second largest city...

Posted by Glen Martin — October 29, 2014

Yakima River, WA

By Michael Hamilton

Once in a while, revisiting something old to find out something new is worthwhile. In the case of the Yakima River, Washington’s only true-blue catch-and-release fishery, the combined elements of...

Posted by Glen Martin — August 26, 2014

Gold River, British Columbia

The Best of Everything

If you’re interested in pursuing steelhead, salmon, and trout in a breathtaking setting while based in one of the world’s premier angling lodges,...

Posted by Glen Martin — March 17, 2014