Northwest Fly Fishing

Sacramento Delta, CA

By Greg Vinci

When it comes to fishing, Northern California is unique. Few other regions offer such a diverse array of fish species available to anglers year-round. Some of NorCal's fish are...

Posted by Glen Martin — February 16, 2018

Hilltop Lake, WA

By Steve Maeder

Anticipation ran high as I rolled the tumblers on the locked gate across the road to Hilltop Lake. Just two weeks prior, I had strolled into Red's Fly Shop and bumped into owner Steve Joyce, who was...

Posted by Glen Martin — June 01, 2017

Pass Lake, WA

By Mike Benbow

When the first fly fishing club was formed in Washington state, in 1939, among the first things it did was to ask that Pass Lake become the state’s first lake designated for fly fishing only...

Posted by Ann Sweeney — August 18, 2016

Jefferson County Beaches, WA

By Doug Rose

We were both literally and figuratively bucking the flow. That’s what you are doing when you leave Forks, Washington—the epicenter of winter steelhead fly fishing in the Pacific Northwest...

Posted by Glen Martin — April 21, 2016

Ruby River, MT

By Jason Randall

I knew I was going to love this place when the asphalt turned to gravel with 20 minutes yet to go, and a vanilla voice informed me that turn-by-turn guidance was no longer possible. With our truck...

Posted by Glen Martin — February 19, 2016

Lower Deschutes River, OR

By John Shewey

Oregon’s rugged, rumbling, muscular 100-mile-long Lower Deschutes River has no rival in that it uniquely combines a world-class trout fishery with a superb summer-steelhead fishery. The fish, which...

Posted by Glen Martin — December 22, 2015

Trip of a Lifetime: Red’s Fly Shop and Canyon River Ranch

By John Shewey and Steve Maeder

Tendrils of winter fog linger over the Yakima River’s serpentine curves far below, like an idyllic scene rendered on canvas. We quietly take positions...

Posted by Glen Martin — October 27, 2015

Henrys Lake, ID

By Bryan Anglerson

On maps, the Continental Divide extends westward from Yellowstone Park toward Henrys Lake Flat, but then it detours in a giant horseshoe-shaped arch up and around Henrys Lake before continuing...

Posted by Glen Martin — August 16, 2015

Lower Sacramento River, CA

By Chip O’Brien

How would you characterize the great lower Sacramento River fishery, the water between Redding and Red Bluff, without hyperbole or being accused of being economical with the truth? So...

Posted by Glen Martin — June 21, 2015

Lamar River, WY

By Jeff Erickson

I was lollygagging through Wyoming’s Lamar River Valley on a perfect August morning when my bliss was momentarily interrupted as a large, chocolate-brown wolf suddenly bounded toward the...

Posted by Glen Martin — April 15, 2015